Self Defense for Your Children

Children have always been one of the easy-targeted victims of crime and violence because of their vulnerability and physical weakness compared to adults. Their pure innocence is also one of the things that make them defenseless in times of trouble. Because of the increasing crime rates and violent situations involving victimized children, parents are getting more and more worried about their own kids. Most parents decide to enroll their child in a self-defense class or a martial arts training so that they can have means and skills to protect and defend themselves from harassers and attackers.

However, one problem that can arise to children going to self-defense class is that they tend to become distrustful of other people. There are also chances that these children will always feel unsafe and insecure and be worrisome all the time. This can have a negative psychological effect to the kids. If you have a kid undergoing self-defense lessons or you are still planning to enroll your child…